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You can find our online application here.

  1. Complete an online application
  2. Submit checklist items
  3. Come for an experience day
  4. Schedule an interview

The process of admission is meant to be thorough enough to give the Admission Board sufficient information to assess each student’s educational needs. The Admission Board cannot make a final decision on an applicant until the full application file is complete. You can find a list of required items, broken down by grade level, here.

Ideally, the admissions process begins in the fall of the academic year, prior to desired matriculation. Application packages must be completed by December 15th for an early enrollment decision. Applications received after this date are accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis and seats are offered as they are available.

*Portsmouth Christian Academy’s Preschool, First, and Second Grades have all reached full capacity.

Families interested in these grades will be added to a waitlist.


Complete application packages are reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  Families are notified of the committee’s decision by a letter sent to the home address.  All applicants will receive a decision letter from the Admissions Committee indicating acceptance or denial of admission.

For more information contact the Admissions Office at 603.742.3617, Ext. 121. 

Admissions Inquiry

  • NameGrade Level 
Preschool, grade 1 and grade 2


New applicants will be added to a waitlist. All other grades encouraged to apply!