Ruth Brown
PCA Kindergarten Teacher since 1992

What brought you to PCA?
My husband Rob was the Pastor of a local church. He met with area Pastors to pray, and he came home with a flyer given to them from Dennis Runey advertising the need for certified teachers. I was working in public school as a Title 1 tutor, and in the integrated Preschool program. I wanted to have my own classroom, and honestly I was not convinced that I wanted to be in a Christian school setting. After interviewing with Dennis, and touring the school, I met Susan Ayer the current Kindergarten teacher. She was the inspiration I needed!

What do you love most about PCA?
PCA’s mission is to promote excellence in the whole child. I love this holistic approach, as this is how God created us – to love and serve him with our heart, soul, and mind.

Why do you like teaching at PCA?
I love being able to integrate the Bible and my faith into all aspects of my day. I know my ministry at PCA is important in building the Kingdom of God here in the seacoast area.

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word?
Community. PCA thrives because community is established in classrooms, on teams, and throughout the whole school an it is centered around Jesus Christ.

How are faith and learning integrated at PCA?
Faith and learning are integrated through classroom instruction, whole school activities such as chapel, and special events such as our Christmas program.

How do you impact the spiritual formation of students?
First, I have to make sure that I am modeling my faith by staying close to Jesus through prayer and Bible study. My lesson planning intentionally includes integrating the Bible on the Kindergarten level. Taking 7th grade students to Costa Rica in the spring allows them to grow in their faith in a different culture, and impacts the world for Jesus.

What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom that helps shape the learning experience at PCA?
I believe God has given me the ability to see children the way he sees them. Each child comes into the classroom with his or her own unique personality and has so much potential! They are given gifts and talents by God, and my goal is to help each one be able to develop those at a young age, through community, academics, and personal reflection.

What sets PCA students apart from other students?
When students come to PCA they are learning foundations for life! Partnering with parents to help their children establish and reach goals is a joy!