PCA faculty, staff, students, and alumni all have unique stories. From students who traveled from overseas to attend PCA to teachers who have been mentoring students for over 20 years, you’ll find that the PCA community is a close family made up of people from diverse backgrounds. Meet some of the people who make this such a special place, and who contribute to the story of PCA.

Dr. Abood, Principal

“There is thought, research, wisdom, and prayer behind all the decisions made, big or small.”

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Ben, Alum

“I still (as a graduate student in history!) consult my notes from classes with Dr. Gamble.”

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Gillian, Student

“PCA is teaching me how to manage a full work load, and how to complete it all to the best of my ability.”

Read Gillian’s Story. 

Riley, Student

“My faith has been made stronger by faculty and staff whose goal is to help us make our faith a top priority.”

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Carol, Student

“There is a special and strong bond in the PCA family.”

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Abby, Student

“I love that I can feel free to share my faith, ask questions and grow with fellow Christians.”

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Mrs. Brown, Faculty

“Partnering with parents to help their children establish and reach goals is a joy!”

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Alicia, Alum

“I owe my small private school so much for making me who I am.”

Read Alicia’s Story. 

AJ, Student

“I feel like coming to PCA is one of the best choices I have made in my life.”

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Mr. Snyder, Faculty

“I want students to join me in the excitement of learning new ideas and facing intellectual challenges.”

Read Mr. Snyder’s Story. 

Mr. Foley, Faculty

“We see these kids as made in God’s image. They’re little brothers and sisters.”

Read Mr. Foley’s Story. 

Sam, Student

“This school has put a smile on face for the last eight years.”

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Krishram, Student

“PCA is preparing me for college.”

Read Krishram’s Story. 

Abigail, Student

“My friends hold me accountable and on the right path.”

Read Abigail’s Story. 

Jim, Student

“The teacher’s kindness and patience and the school’s activities give us enough space to explore ourselves.”

Read Jim’s Story. 

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