Upper School Activities

High school is a formative time in every child’s life. While the focus is often largely on academics, it is also a season of immense spiritual growth, social development, and self-discovery. In addition to our strong college preparatory program, we also recognize that having fun, making memories, and developing meaningful relationships are important aspects of the high school experience. In our Upper School program, students enjoy a wide variety of activities on campus and beyond. We prioritize these activities because they help teens discover their unique identity in Christ, and spark new interests that often turn into lifelong passions. 

See our Students in Action

Community Service

All students complete 50 hours of community service each year, usually through a club or specific area of interest. These opportunities help teens grow deeper in their own faith by serving others and often foster a commitment to mission work throughout life. Service projects have allowed students to:

  • Perform and share the Gospel at local senior centers
  • Rake leaves for neighborhood residents 
  • Provide babysitting services to working parents
  • Travel on special missions projects in Panama and Honduras
  • And participate in many other services based on student skill and interest 

Interest-Based Clubs

Clubs allow students to develop meaningful relationships through shared interests and sharpen their skills. We offer a wide variety of clubs, which may vary by year. When a student is willing to lead, new clubs can be created! Current offerings include:

  • Worship Team
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Student Council
  • Bible Study and Morning Prayer Groups
  • Fitness Club
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • Medical Club
  • Film Club
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Wednesday Girls
  • Mr. Sawyer’s Bible Study

Social Events

Upper School students look forward to several annual events such as coffeehouse-style shows, bonfires, prom, and other social dances, homecoming, pep rallies, and much more. Through these events, students get to have fun, make memories, and develop friendships.

Music and Theatre Productions

Upper School students enjoy annual theatrical productions and concerts each winter and spring. These provide an important creative outlet for those in front of the audience and backstage, as well as an opportunity for entertainment along with family and friends. Our thriving arts program is an integral part of PCA student life!


Through our partnership with the NHIAA, our athletics program emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. Whether students are on the field or in the stands, they get to enjoy a strong sense of school spirit. Opportunities include:

  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Indoor Track
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field

Discover More About the Student Experience at PCA

If you are looking for a high school environment where your teen will be safe, known, and mentored as they prepare for college, we encourage you to download our Parent Guide and look over it with your family. While you’re searching, check out an example of our Course Offerings, as well as our School Profile, to dig a little deeper into what you can expect from PCA’s Upper School program. You can also schedule a tour or virtual meeting by calling our Admissions Office at 603.742.3617 ext. 121, or by emailing admissions@pcaschool.org