By participating in clubs, students continue to maximize their God-given intellectual, artistic, physical and spiritual potential.

Tri-M is a national honor society for student musicians. Students will have the opportunity to perform, to grow in leadership, and to serve the music department and the school through assistance with events and fund-raising activities.

The Sketch Comedy Club is a place for students to practice performance skills, enjoy their peers’ company, and (eventually) provide laughs for the upper school student body.

In the Student Information Technology Team you will learn about the wide range of computing equipment, from the more seasoned software to the newest platforms, and apply that knowledge through: troubleshooting and diagnosing, repairing and replacing, upgrading, configuring, benchmarking, teaching – training both students and staff.

The Science Club strives to bring together people who are like-minded in their interest in science in order to spark discussion, learn collectively, and foster appreciation of God’s creation.

The Natural History and Science Club allows students to explore the “hows” and “whys” behind the naturally occurring phenomenons of this world.

The Missions Club: “Think globally, act locally.” Learn about the world through presentations, research and prayer, as well as participate in opportunities for local, national and international service projects and sponsorship.  The Missions Club sponsors either a national or international missions trip each year.

The Medical Club provides an encouraging environment where students can meet and discuss their interests in the medical profession and the latest medical advancements.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a bi-monthly meeting of young men which discusses challenges faced when trying to grow up to be a God-honoring man.  Meetings are student led; the discussions are confidential.

Mr. Beal’s Bible Study provides a place where students are not required to speak or be led into focusing on themselves. In it, students seek to learn about God and his expectations for us.