2015 Golden Eagle Awarded to Kelsey Warner

The Golden Eagle Award is the most prestigious award bestowed by Portsmouth Christian Academy.  The award recipient, a graduating senior, is chosen by the upper school faculty and staff. The criteria are as follows:

Kelsy Warner_grad

Academically, the recipient must be an honors or better student for his or her entire career at the Upper School. This academic achievement must be coupled with a strong desire, manifested in diligent study, to acquire knowledge.

In the realm of good citizenship,  the recipient must demonstrate a consistent willingness to participate constructively in school activities; must understand and comply with the standards of dress and deportment; must show respect for teachers, staff, and fellow students; and, must set a positive example for others to follow.

 Spiritually, the recipient must show a strong Christian witness by demonstrating humility, love, caring, compassion, and assistance for fellow classmates, and, by seeking and applying God’s will in his or her daily walk.

Simply put, the Golden Eagle Award winner embodies in full the school’s mission statement. If the faculty and staff feel that no one meets the above criteria, the award does not have to be given.  Through God’s grace, that has never happened. The recipient will receive a plaque to bear witness to this honor, but the Golden Eagle itself remains at the upper school; the recipient’s name will be engraved alongside those of former recipients.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the upper school at Portsmouth Christian Academy, the 2015 Golden Eagle is awarded to Kelsey Warner.

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Kelsey has achieved an overall numerical average of 92% while taking multiple honors and AP courses. While maintaining this high academic standard, she served in student government all four years, as well as student council for two, and led a small group for three years. Kelsey has also served others in mission trips to Guatemala and New York City. She has participated in the March for Life several times and was one of fifty students chosen from the East Coast to attend the Franciscan Leadership, Evangelism, and Discipleship program, hosted by the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

In addition to being committed to academics and to serving others, she excelled in athletics and theater as well, serving as captain for her soccer team during junior and senior years and acting in four theatrical productions during her high school career.

Kelsey is the recipient of a Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship, as well as the Saint Anselm College Presidential Scholarship.  In the fall, she will attend St. Anselm’s college and pursue a double major in political science and theology.

She has accomplished all of this with a smile and a humble heart.

written by Stephen Foley, Dean of Men and Upper School English Teacher