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So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

Galatians 6:10

Because of the many and varied contributions of volunteers, PCA has achieved the NH Partners in Education Blue Ribbon Award 15 years in a row.  This award is given to successful and effective school volunteer programs and recognizes extraordinary efforts of school volunteers around the state. During the last school year over 400 PCA volunteers logged over 16,000 hours!  This awesome use of gifts has enriched student life and provided invaluable assistance to the faculty, staff, and administration.

Volunteer at PCA

  • Why? It’s good for you! It’s good for us! It’s good for them! Children with parents engaged in their school become healthier adolescents and become more engaged, themselves.
  • When? Any time! There are countless opportunities with a variety of volunteer times that are as flexible as your schedule! We have many ongoing, weekly roles, such as Lunch Delivery, as well as one-time opportunities, such as Event Set-up. We also have opportunities, such as Procurement, that you could do on your lunch hour or any time that works for you.
  • Where? Almost anywhere! At home, in the local community, or at PCA! Outside, inside, courtside, side by side!
  • What? Whatever talents and interests God has blessed you with! Whether your talents and interests are administrative, artistic, athletic, baking, supervising, organizing, reading, handiwork, technology, event-planning, procurement, photography, or worship, there is a way for you to be involved!
  • Who? YOU!
  • How? See steps on reverse!

How to Become a PCA Volunteer

  1. Complete the Volunteer Survey.
  2. Initial, sign, and date the Volunteer Code of Ethics form and return to Jodi Karnes’ attention. This form is available at the Front Desk at the Lower and Upper Schools and can be found online through the parent portal in Veracross.
  3. Complete the Background Check process:

Call the DMV in Dover at 603-223-3867 to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.

Bring your driver’s license to your scheduled appointment with the DMV at 50 Boston Harbor Rd, Dover, NH.

Bring the card the DMV gives you, as well as a check made out to “State of NH—Criminal Records” in the amount of $30.75, to PCA’s Lower School front desk during school hours. Ask for Sarah Leavitt, CFO/HR, Shirley Tuten, Executive Asst., or Jodi Karnes. They will notarize the Criminal Record Release Authorization Form for you and mail it with your check to the Dept. of Safety. This must be done in a timely manner as the DMV will only hold your fingerprints for a limited time.

ALL steps must be completed and PCA must have been notified by the State of NH of your successful background check results PRIOR to performing any in-school or student-contact volunteer duties, including chaperoning field trips and assisting with classroom activities. The fingerprinting process takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.

Find current volunteer opportunities on the Facebook page PCA Volunteer Service Program and in the weekly Head of School Bulletin that will be sent to your email. Contact Jodi Karnes, Volunteer and Event Coordinator, with any questions or to help you get connected!

Contact info: jkarnes@pcaschool.org, 603-742-3617 ext. 119.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer needs are always changing, and there is a wide variety of ways that you can give of your time and talents. Fill out the Volunteer Survey so that we can connect you with volunteer opportunities that match your interests. Contact Jodi Karnes to find the perfect fit for you!

Log Your Service Hours Here

This form is for volunteer service hours that are performed outside of normal school hours and/or off campus.

Volunteer Service Hours

THANK YOU from the Volunteer Office

We are so thankful for our volunteers who come in and help us. We could not do what we do without you!

Please remember to log your hours either at the receptionist desk or by sending an email to Jodi Karnes.  Don’t forget the hours you may work at home (baking, phone calls, etc.)!!